Employment Positions


POSITION: Systems Analyst
FUNCTION: Senior Recovery Analyst
WORK SHIFT: 2nd/ 3rd


  • The Recovery Analyst Shift Supervisor (Senior Recovery Analyst) directs the activities of individual Recovery Analysts.
  • The Recovery Analyst Shift Supervisor (Senior Recovery Analyst) is responsible for managing all Recovery related issues during their shift to include job abends, Database management, customer and Help Desk liaison and data center liaison.
  • The Recovery Analyst Shift Supervisor (Senior Recovery Analyst) is responsible for writing monthly performance evaluations of recovery personnel and maintaining accurate timesheets on their respective shift as well as ensuring the shift is staffed according to contract requirements.
  • The Recovery Analyst Shift Supervisor (Senior Recovery Analyst) works directly for the Manager, Day-to-Day Operations.


  • Monitors and supports computer processing. Monitors the progression of production job streams to detect and correct abnormal job ends.
  • Coordinates input, output, and file media.
  • Performs quality control reviews of production job output via an automated report distribution package.
  • Distributes output and controls computer operation, which may be mainframe, mini, or client/server based.
  • Ensures the accuracy of job processing flows within the constraints of automated scheduling software.
  • Analyzes and develops computer software possessing a wide range of capabilities, including numerous engineering, business, and records management functions.
  • Restarts jobs that end abnormally with non-application related problems using an automated restart/recovery package.
  • Develops plans for automated information systems from project inception to conclusion.
  • Analyzes user interfaces, maintain hardware and software performance tuning, analyze workload and computer usage, maintain interfaces with outside systems, analyze downtimes, analyze proposed system modifications, upgrades and new COTS.
  • Analyzes the problem and the information to be processed.
  • Defines the problem, and develops system requirements and program specifications, from which programmers prepare detailed flow charts, programs, and tests.
  • Coordinates closely with programmers to ensure proper implementation of program and system specifications.
  • Develops, in conjunction with functional users, system alternative solutions.
  • Provides after hours liaison to the user community for problem resolution.
  • Must work both independently and as a team member.
  • Often will be required to work a shift alone, in which case the Recovery Analyst will be called upon to perform the above without on-site support.
  • Normally 100% of the employee's time will be devoted to performing these duties.

Bachelor's degree in

  • Computer Science,
  • Information Systems,
  • Engineering,
  • Business, or
  • Other related discipline.
  • Four (4) years of specialized experience can be substituted for the Bachelor's degree


  • Five (5) years general experience and three (3) years data processing experience in an IBM z/OS environment.
  • One (1) year of which must have been as a Recovery Analyst.
  • Knowledge of and experience with z/OS and z/OS UTILITIES.
  • Must be able to communicate effectively by telephone with user community and POCs for problem resolution.
  • Experience in distributed processing environments. Experience with automated scheduling, report distribution, and restart recovery software (CONTROL-M, CONTROL-R, CONTROL-D), ROSCOE, TSO/ISPF and SDSF, REMEDY, CICS, CITRIX, REFLECTIONS, MIAP, OUTLOOK, FTP, CONNECT: DIRECT, PROCOMM PLUS, MICROSOFT OFFICE and various data transmission methodologies preferred.